Create a PaceConnect robot

The last step to run tests from cloud Pace using local executor machine is creating a suitable Robot to Qentinel Pace.

This will be no different than creating any other robot, so the instructions mentioned there apply.

The only notable change is that you need to use PaceConnect as robot type.

paceconnect robot type

When a robot is created, it will by default use any available connected agent defined in your organization. If you want to specify your robot to use a specific agent, please review the instructions on capabilities & demands

By default test results & logs are sent to cloud Qentinel Pace and are visible to everyone in your organization/project who you have granted access. In certain extremely confidential/secret cases this might not be what want. You can disable sending results to cloud by setting the option "Reporting to Pace" to "Nothing". This setting affects all tests suites under the robot.

paceconnect filter results

To find the location of results on your local machine, please refer to PaceConnect tips.

It’s advisable to not use this option except in extreme cases. As a cloud based platform Qentinel Pace aims to improve visibility & communication in your organization. If results are not visible in Qentinel Pace, they can’t be used in dashboards and analysis either. In most cases a new project with limited access rights would probably serve you better.