Qentinel Pace also supports on-premise robots. On-premise robots are usually needed when you need to automate a proprietary application that can not be installed to cloud or if you need to use services on private network which can’t be exposed by other means (whitelisting, VPN etc.) etc. Connecting a Qentinel Pace robot to on-premise execution machine can be done by:

  1. creating an agent on Qentinel Pace UI

  2. downloading PaceConnect package

  3. running that on local machine.

With PaceConnect, the user manages the test suites and test results using Qentinel Pace on the web as usual, but the test steps are executed locally by PaceConnect agent software that the user installs.

To enable the PaceConnect feature, your organization needs to subscribe to the Team or Team 24x7 plan of Qentinel Pace with the On-premises robots add-on.
Cloud-based robots provide a lot of benefits (scalability, maintainability) in comparison to on-premise robots, so only use on-premise robots if it’s absolutely necessary.

The process of setting up on-premise robots in nutshell:

  1. User creates an agent in Qentinel Pace

    1. A token will be created, store it securely

  2. User download PaceConnect software to their remote/on-premise machine

  3. User starts PaceConnect on remote machine and provides agent’s token

  4. User creates a robot in Qentinel pace with type "PaceConnect"

  5. Tests run with that robot will be run on premise