In order to use PaceConnect and connect to on-premise test executor/robot, an agent needs to be created first.

Anyone with Edit permissions for the organization can add and manage PaceConnect agents of the organization.

Navigate to Agents view

  1. Go to your organization page (click profile icon and select "Organizations")

  2. On the bottom right corner you see a section "PaceConnect" with button "Agents". Click the [Agents] button

paceconnect agents button

  1. You will see a list of all agents created for your organization.

paceconnect agents list

Elements in this view:

  • Agent name (1)

  • Agent capabilities (2)

    • With capabilities you can connect certain suite to be run with a specific agent

  • Agent status, Idle, Executing or Disconnected (3)

  • Edit/Delete Agent (4)

  • Download PaceConnect package (5)

  • Add a new Agent (6)

Add a new agent

To create a new agent, click the little (+) icon. Name your agent, type a description and click [Save].

paceconnect agents new

An authorization string will be generated for your agent. Copy it and store it securely, it will be needed when starting PaceConnect.


Your new agent is ready. You can further customize it by giving your agents additional capabilities which can be demanded to be available during execution.

paceconnect agents ready
Other users in your organization can use this agent as an executor for any of their test suites (or other scripts!). Take this into account if you use a personal machine as an agent.