Saving a live testing session

Under this section you will learn on how to bring your work from a live testing session to your test files.

Typically, you use live testing sessions for either developing a test case from scratch or debugging an existing test case or just for fun. If you are not using live testing for fun, you might want to bring the debugged/developed test case back to your test case .robot file.

Any development/debugging work done in live testing is not automatically saved to your .robot test file. All the unsaved work is lost between two separate live testing sessions.

Let’s assume that you have launched a live testing session and executed a few test steps. As of now, you are happy with the development work and you want to bring it back to your test file as a new test case. As shown in the pic below.


Saving a live testing session essentially means creating a test case out of the executed test steps from the test step history pane. Click on the Save control or select Save Session Steps from the Live Testing menu. A notification is shown that your live testing steps have been saved.

Go back to your .robot test file and select Paste Live Testing Tests from the Live Testing menu. By deafult, this will append the new test case from the live testing session to the end of your file. You may also get the new test case pasted at a specific location by first bringing your cursor to the desired location and then selecting Paste Live Testing Tests.