Documentation - Qentinel Pace UI

This section covers how to use Qentinel Pace main features from the web UI.


A few important terms that you will encounter using Qentinel Pace:

Organization: An entity that owns Qentinel Pace subscription.

Projects: The initiatives within Qentinel Pace wherein robotic software testing can be conducted. An organization can have unlimited number of projects. Each project can have access and visibility defined separately.

Robots: The software robots that can run tests and/or collect metrics. A robot is a full test execution infrastructure in cloud or on-premise.

Suites: A suite (or "process" in RPA) is a group of related test cases which are run and their execution status is reported together.

Quality Intelligence for DevOps: Information provided by your Quality Intelligence dashboard to obtain insights on what you need to fix and improve.

Structure within Qentinel Pace

Qentinel Pace is structured into organizations. Typically, a user belongs to one organization. An organization can have multiple projects under it, a project can have one or many Robots. A Robot can have one or many suites under it. Test suites can be run in parallel (depending on license).

The users under an organization can be granted edit or view access rights to projects.