Browsing PaceEditor

PaceEditor view changes quite significantly when a .robot file is opened in. In this section, we will look at the different components in that view.


  1. Menu bar: All the different menus with full screen enter/exit and exit editor buttons towards the right end. Please refer to menu options for more details.

  2. Quick controls: The left most pane has quick controls on it.

  3. File explorer: Alike a typical editor, on the left-hand side you should see the directory structure of the repository. Here you can add/delete a file or folder.

  4. Tabs: Open files show up in tabs. Please note live testing is a separate tab.

  5. Editor: Pane where files are edited/viewed.

Quick controls

From top to bottom:

  1. Save: This is a quick control for saving you work. You might alternatively press Ctrl+S in windows and Command+S on Mac. Read more on unsaved work.

  2. File explorer on/off: You may choose to view or hide the file explorer pane by clicking on this icon.

  3. Keyword library: Clicking on this will enable or disable PaceWords palette on the right end of your editor. You can then drag & drop Pacewords from the palette to your script.

  4. Live testing: Quick control for launching live testing session. Similar can be achieved by clicking on the live testing tab.

File explorer

This pane will open up all the files in your suite. In the explorer view, folders can be expanded and collapsed.

  1. Add new file or folder

  2. Delete a file or folder