Installation: Android device on Windows

After following instructions in this section, you should have ability to run test automation scripts with your own "local" mobile device while starting the tests from Qentinel Pace cloud.

Step by step guide

The following steps are needed in order to setup

Download and install PaceConnect for Mobile

Follow the instructions here to download and install PaceConnect for Mobile.

Setup on Qentinel Pace cloud

  1. Follow the instructions here to create an agent. Give your agent at least one capability to identify it later.

  2. Follow the instructions here to create a new Qentinel Pace robot with _"Run Environment" set as PaceConnect. Bind your robot to the capability given for agent using demands.

  3. Create a new test suite.

Prepare and connect your mobile device

In order to run test cases on your local mobile device, you need to enable developer mode and allow usb debugging.

Enable developer mode

The "de-facto" way of enabling developer mode is:

  1. Go to "Settings" app

  2. Scroll down untill you see build number

  3. Tap Build number seven times

You should see a message flashing on the screen for few seconds if developer mode was correctly activated. In addition, you should see additional menu Developer options under Settings app (either directly under Settings or under Settings > System).

The may be differences between different vendors and/or device model on how to enable developer mode. If the above instructions do not work for you, please refer to your device’s user manual.

Allow usb debugging

To allow USB debugging, go to your Developer options menu (Settings or Settings > System). Turn on the switch *USB debugging".

Start PaceConnect for Mobile and run your test scripts

  1. Launch PaceConnect from the shortcut.

  2. If you have not started PaceConnect earlier, you need to input your token as described here.

  3. Connect your device with USB cable to your pc. You should see a message that a device is connected.

paceconnect device connected

  1. Run test suite normally from Qentinel Pace. Qentinel Pace will connect to your pc and control your locally connected device.

3rd party tools (optional)

PaceConnect for mobile comes with everything you need in order to run tests on your local device. However, if you want to utilize emulators or graphically inspect UI elements on your device, you can use Appium Desktop inspection functionality or you may can to install full Android Studio installation.

Here is instructions how to find UI elements using Appium desktop.