Welcome to Qentinel Pace and farewell to frontline.qentinel.com

We are excited to introduce an even sleeker and more intuitive user-interface for Qentinel Pace. You should be able to log-in at pace.qentinel.com with your user credentials and find your projects, robots, results etc.& a great set of new features awaiting you. Also we will bid farewell to frontline.qentinel.com latest by June 2020.

Here’s the summary of the key changes of Qentinel Pace:

  1. All new sleek user interface

  2. New login URL: pace.qentinel.com

  3. Our robots can now be created even faster, just in seconds. And with that they are ready to execute tests for you.

  4. PaceEditor: No need to worry about learning Git. Tests can be edited and committed to version control through our PaceEditor with clicks and not code. You can link your GitLab, your GitHub, Qentinel hosted GitLab and custom Git.

  5. Starter suite: Your first set of test cases awaiting to be run in cloud. Get the first hand experience of how effortless it is to automate.

  6. Scheduling: Wonder how to schedule robots run? Now you can do that directly from the Pace user interface and utilise the liberty to make the robots work while you sleep.

  7. Best practices: Robots can keep secrets. Sensitive information like user credentials, addresses, social security number etc is obfuscated from all the logs, hence making testing even more secure. Of course, you can pass non-sensitive variables too. Pass project level, robot level & suite level variables.

  8. You can also pass command line options at project, robots & suite levels. This command line parameters help you configure execution of runs.

  9. New, improved user experience for viewing detailed test logs.

  10. Stuck test run? Abort it.

  11. You can also compare different suites within a robot. This new summary gives you a quick understanding of how the different suites have been performing against one another.

  12. Quality Intelligence dashboard can provide AI based trend predictions and show the top contributors for the positive or negative trend direction. Not only you know what is likely going to happen but also what is going to cause it, cool heh?

  13. You can conduct mobile testing with the known device farms like Browser stack and BitBar.

  14. Good to note that Qentinel Pace inherently supports Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We are so excited to launch the new Qentinel Pace now to all our customers! Our customer success team is happy to answer any questions you might have. The help articles can be found through intercom, nevertheless, please feel free to contact us via intercom (bottom-right of your screen) or servicedesk@qentinel.com.