Version 2.9.1 Date: 1 Jun, 2020

Sign up for a free and perpetual personal plan

Your wait is finally over to try out Qentinel Pace. All you need is a valid email id to sign up for Qentinel Pace, and you will have access to a top of its class hyper-scalable test automation product.

We are a very strong proponent of the open-source and giving back to the community, hence we are offering a free of charge perpetual personal plan for everyone. Now you can use Qentinel Pace for test automation in your projects.

Qentinel Pace uses Robot Framework’s powerful executor but there is a lot more to it than just the executor. Once you sign up for a personal plan, you will have access to a scalable infrastructure which is ready to churn your test automation, place for all your test results, dashboards showing test automation statistics, videos and screenshots of your test runs, ability to schedule runs, ability to integrate in your existing DevOps tool chain, access to powerful set of PaceWords (keywords), test generation capabilities and for the brevity, a lot more. Lastly, this will all happen in cloud without you having to set any infrastructure or install anything or build a CI/CD pipeline.

What are you waiting for? Go and try it out for yourself and share your love. Here is a quick guide on how to run your first test automation under 5 minutes.

The above comes with certain limitations. With personal account, you can have one project, one robot and single execution at a time. However, you can have multiple suites under a robot with a total execution of 60 minutes per month. Your balance recharges to 60 minutes in the beginning of every month. Checkout our webpage for more info on your current plan and other available plans with more comprehensive feature set.

All new home page

New users will see a brand new home page after successful login. The new home page has quick links for help, managing projects, quick starting and managing organization. This change does not effect our existing users, they will continue to see their preferred home page.


Quick Start

There is a lot of freedom in Qentinel Pace on how an organization can organize their test automation,you could create different projects, robots and suites. And we want to keep it that way. However to expedite the process for new users we are launching a Quick Start functionality. Now, you can find a quick start button on home page or a launch icon on the projects page, which would expedite the whole process. It will create a project, a robot and a suite with a template repo for you. All of which is later editable.


Run time logs

Qentinel Pace robots do their work in background, churning your test cases and publishing the results. Earlier you could monitor their work by following the live stream but it was a bit tricky to know the exact test case they were churning in real time and the result of an already executed test case. This information was made available to you once the robots finished executing the entire suite.

Now you could monitor exactly what the robots are doing, which test case they are executing and real time results for executed tests. Where to find it? When a suite starts its execution by either scheduling, API call or manually clicking the Run button, a >_ icon appears on the top-right corner of that specific suite’s results.


Clicking on which you are navigated to the run time logs.


Since this is a feature you are most likely to use during development, the logs are not perpetually available.

Happy testing!