Version 2.8.3 Date: 19 Mar, 2020

Your project's Quality Intelligence dashboard

With the latest release, every test automation project comes with a project specific Quality Intelligence dashboard. Earlier, your robots page did not show any analytics if you did not have an existing dashboard tied to your project. Unlike earlier, now every project will display a plethora of essential test automation related information, which is specific to the project you are in.

A snapshot of a project's Quality Intelligence dashboard is shown below:


Now you have the following information at your disposal:

  1. Top left: A pie chart showing latest results for the last suite run in the entire project. This gives you a snapshot view of your latest suite run and quick view on the quality of your application under test.

  2. Top right: Pass/Fail trend for all the test cases executed in a day across the entire project. Looking at this graph you can understand the day by day performance of your application against the test runs.

  3. Bottom left: Columns representing trend of total number of test cases executed daily across the project with data on the left axis. Line trend for the total number of minutes robots executed test cases per day, with data on the right axis.

  4. Bottom right: Cumulation of number of total test cases executed & their result trend. This gives you the total number of automated test cases executed on your application and its overall performance.

The data set is for rolling 30 days. In order to access data for a certain period, change the time period range and click on go.

The dashboard will be visible in every test automation project by default. If you already have a dashboard attached to your project, you would see a tab to switch between your existing dashboard and the new dashboard.


Project level usage

In addition to the available information on your plan, current usage and available capacity, now your admin can also drill down to project level consumption. This gives admin visibility on how the execution capacity is utilized across different projects and a possibility to optimize consumption should there be a need.

This feature is only accessible to the admin in your organization.

In the picture below the organization only has one project My new project and the execution time is mentioned next to it.