Version 2.8.2 Release Date: 20 Feb, 2020

Change your customer’s subscription plan

Our partners can now update their customer’s Qentinel Pace subscription plan in 5 easy steps.

This feature is only available for Qentinel partners who have reseller rights for Qentinel Pace. Admin at our partners is able to modify subscriptions for their end customers.

  1. Click on setup from the top-right.

  2. Go to billing from under settings.

  3. Select the org whose plan you wish to edit.

  4. Click on edit next to current plan.

  5. Select a new plan for your customer.


View history of your subscription plan

You probably started off with a starter plan and after a few months upgraded to teams plan. Monthly history of your execution minutes and your subscription plan are now visible to your admin.

Update your suite names

Did you made a typo in your suite name or does your suite name describe your suite well? Now you are free to modify your suite’s name as many times as you wish.

Critical Fixes

  1. Earlier there has been issues with unwanted spaces in the names of different entities: robots, suites etc. The spaces are now trimmed and the issue has been resolved.