Version 2.11.5 Date: Feb, 26 2021

With 2.11.5 Bitbucket is integrated into Qentinel Pace. Additionally, the release comes with new features like email notification of test results, video recording with PaceConnect for mobile, and last but not the least Qentinel Pace is available in the GitHub marketplace as GitHub actions.

Bitbucket Integration

Now customers can integrate their bitbucket to Qentinel Pace. This allows them to version control their tests, edit and create tests on PaceEditor, and conduct LiveTesting sessions when developing and debugging the tests.

With this, Qentinel Pace integrates seamlessly to GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket.

Email Notifications

Qentinel Pace robots can send email notifications to you or your team when they start executing the test cases or when the results are ready.

You can configure every suite to send notifications for one or more of the following events: a test run starts, all tests pass or at least one test fails. Based on the selected criteria and list of recipients, robots will notify the users with the result and a direct link to the report in Qentinel Pace.

Recordings over PaceConnect for Mobile

PaceConnect is our extremely efficient technology for taking the robots behind your company’s firewall without having to open any ports. Last release we launched PaceConnect for Android, with which users can run test cases on a physical android mobile device lying behind the firewall and connected over PaceConnect.

With this release, the on-premise robots can also record the test execution and store it on Qentinel Pace. This is similar to web testing robots. Of course, you could command the robot not to do so, should you so wish.

These recorded videos are a great asset to track the test execution. Should something fail you can pinpoint that to your developers.

Qentinel Pace as GitHub Action

GitHub Actions are GitHub’s way of building software workflows, and they can be used for building, testing, and deploying your code right from GitHub, among other things.

It is important to be able to easily test your code whenever you make changes to the codebase or plan to make a new release to catch bugs as early as possible. With the Qentinel Pace action, you can now automate that by adding the action to your CI/CD pipeline to ensure everything works as expected. The Qentinel Pace UI will collect statistics of the run and provide test reports for investigation just as before, but you do not need to manually start tests or rely on predefined schedules. You can test when you need to. The action is available here.

Other Updates

We have launched personal access keys from beta to official version. Password reset functionality is available too. Lastly, we have launched the capability to switch between different robot versions as a beta feature. More on this in the next release.

Did you read the news about Qentinel venturing into testing automotive cloud? It was mentioned in good news finland.

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