Version 2.11.3 Date: Jan, 28 2021

With 2.11.3 release our customers can get early access to new features. Additionally, the release comes with significant improvement in our user’s test development and debugging journey, PaceConnect for Android, and last but not the least, tremendous improvements in our computer vision technology.

Beta features

Going forward we will publish certain features in beta mode. Our intent is two folds. Firstly, to provide early access to features for our customers in need and secondly, to test our features in the beta phase prior to their launch.

You could access beta features by going to your profile and toggling beta features to on mode.


In this release, personal access keys are launched as a beta feature. This user specific key provides you a secure access to the Qentinel Pace APIs.


Now, you can pause a live testing session, resume execution or stop the execution. These added capabilities will significantly improve your test development/debugging process over live testing. For instance, you are running a long end-to-end test case and the robot detects a failed step. The live testing execution will pause on the failed step. You can then analyse the error, even fix it and resume the live testing session from that step onwards or abort it. Below are the added controls.


Other addition includes supporting running multiple tests consecutively.

PaceConnect for Mobile

PaceConnect has an all-new capability to test applications running on your physical mobile devices in your network. PaceConnect does not require any additional port openings in your firewall. You may orchestrate the robots from Qentinel Pace UI in the exact same way as you would orchestrate your cloud robots.

PaceConnect is available as an option for Teams 24x7 and above.

Computer Vision Improvements

The computer vision technology of PaceWords, QVision, uses the new OCR engine, Stack3Engine. This new QVision can find the text of varied sixes without explicitly setting any parameters. As a result, the new QVision is not only easier to use but significantly more accurate in finding and reading the text on your screen.

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Happy testing!