Version 2.11.2 Date: December 12, 2020

2.11.2 includes improved user journey and live testing capabilities.

Guided Tours

Your home page and project’s home page include guided tours of the features available there. The guided tours are activated on your first visit to those pages. However, they could also be separately activated. You may activate them from the sections shown below in the pictures.

Home Page


Project’s home page


Robot’s Home Page

We have introduced a new home page for all the robots in a project. Currently, you could view the list of all the robots in a particular project, suites in every robots and their latest run results. In future, we will enable you to launch PaceEditor, LiveTesting, scheduler and much more functionalities from this view. You can switch between Robots, Dashboard and Manage project views from the buttons above. Clicking on a particular robots will take you to the robot’s characteristic page, whereas clicking on a suite will take you to the familiar suite page.


Robot’s Characteristics' Page

Every robot has a dedicated page of its own displaying its characteristics. Such a page is accessible by clicking on the robot’s name. The page gives you a detailed information on the robot’s type and run environment. In the case of mobile robots and PaceConnect robots, such information is quite significant. With adequate rights you may edit the robot’s characteristics.


LiveTesting Capabilities

From this update onwards, LiveTesting session will not terminate while swapping between various tabs. Furthermore, you can execute keywords taking up to 70 minutes of execution time enabling you to execute keywords representing lengthy end-to-end processes.

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