Version 2.11.1 Date: November 27, 2020

2.11.1 comes with extended PaceConnect capabilities, an all-new tutorial-like starter suite, and an improved user experience.

Windows Robots

PaceConnect has an all-new capability to install Windows robots in your network. The Windows robots do not require any additional port openings in your firewall. You may orchestrate the robots from Qentinel Pace UI in the exact same way as you would orchestrate your cloud robots. Not only you can schedule runs, but you can also control whether or not the robots can send results back to Qentinel Pace.

Be it an inaccessible system under test or highly regulated industries Qentinel Pace can address your test automation needs.

PaceConnect is available as an option for Teams 24x7 and above.

New Starter Suite

The new starter suite is a collection of tests carefully designed and picked to on-board our end users into the world of test automation. We intend to gradually make out end users familiar with the Qentinel Pace way of doing test automation.

The starter suite tests a webshop which is a very typical use case. You can execute the tests, tinker them to create your own test cases against, or change the web application under test and create tests against them.

Give it a spin and share your experience.

User Experience Changes

PaceEditor and Scheduler are more distinctly visible in your suite.

The active robot stands out with a highlight.


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