Version 2.11.0 Date: 30 October, 2020

The highlights of 2.11.0 are PaceConnect and LiveTesting facelift. Scalability has been the central theme for this release, scalability with security to be more precise.

Take Your Robots Home

Qentinel Pace is a cloud-based testing product. Our customers benefit immensely from the scalability, flexibility, and low maintenance of the test automation infrastructure that our cloud product provides them with. However, for various reasons in certain customers cases, a full-blown cloud test automation solution is not the right answer. One such reason being access to the system under test.

Regardless of what the reason may be, the more important news is that you may now take your robots behind your networks. We are referring to a highly secured on-premise solution.

PaceConnect is an all-new capability in our product, which allows you to install execution agents in your network. The agent installation does not require any additional port openings in your firewall. You may orchestrate the agents from Qentinel Pace UI in the exact same way as you would orchestrate your cloud robots. Not only you can schedule runs, but you can also control whether or not the agents can send results back to Qentinel Pace.

PaceConnect is a revolutionary capability, which opens infinite doors. It is another feat on our promise of scalable test automation. We will continue to develop top-notch capabilities in conjunction with PaceConnect.

Be it an inaccessible system under test or highly regulated industries Qentinel Pace can address your test automation needs.

PaceConnect is available as an option for Teams 24x7 and above.

Live Testing Facelift

Taking customer feedback into account live testing has undergone a significant facelift. Here are the key changes:

  1. The editor window, the execution window, and the system under test are positioned next to each other.

  2. The editor window and the execution window are resizable.

  3. The system under test window can be undocked.

  4. Editor steps, executed steps, and recorded steps are positioned in their order of execution.


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