Version 2.10.3 Date: 22 August, 2020

2.10.3 is a step ahead in our promise for supreme efficiency in test automation. The highlights of this update are advanced options in suites and changing plans. Read through this blog to find out more.

Functionalities in Suites

Suites have gotten fancier. Let’s look at the added functionalities.

  1. Suite Description: You may provide your suite a description, which aptly defines its purpose. The description can be given right at the suite addition process or later while editing an existing suite. An apt suite description will help you in keeping track of the suite’s purpose.

  1. Advanced options: In suites configuration view, right above the video recording option. Enabling which, opens up a possibility to view and pass execution parameters to the suite runs. You may add one or many of the most common execution parameters here by selecting a parameters name and attaching a value to it. For example, you may run set of test cases with a particular tag or a combination of tags. Please note that execution parameters passed here are used for one time execution.

  1. Execution parameters with results: The set of execution parameters used with a particular run are visible next to that particular run in suite results. This means that at any point in time you could interpret a result better by looking at the parameters used with that run. This information is more readily available to you as against the earlier way of digging it out from the logs.

  1. Run time logs: For all new projects, run time logs are visible by clicking on the blinking time stamp for that execution. These logs are a great asset for you, as you know which test case is currently being worked at and pass/fail status of the executed tests.


Organization page

Introducing a revamped organization page for your organization. You have information on your current plan, usage, users, feature list and quick links to various functionalities like billing etc. Here is a complete section on organization.

This page is accessible to an organization’s admin and may or may not be visible to you. The person signing up for a personal plan is by default the admin of that organization.

Enjoying your personal plan

Considering subscribing to a commercial plan for yourself or your company. Well that has never been easier, you could buy Qentinel Pace from within your organization. Either click Buy from your homepage or edit plans from usage and billing. Feel free to reach out to us, should you have questions.

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